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Ed is on a roll

Ed is master of breaking things lately. Following closely on the heels of the wedding ring incident, he has now also managed to break his car, and our friend's dining room chair.

His car was a 1998 Saturn, so I knew it wasn't long for this world anyway. Friday night he ran out to grab something to eat, and his transmission exploded. Exploded being a fairly literal descriptor. It's in little pieces all over the road and the parking lot. The car is worth less than the repairs would cost, so we've pretty much got to buy a new car ASAP. Unfortunately we weren't exactly expecting this, because I took the extra 1k that I had and paid off our car insurance for the next 6 months the day before this happened, so we've got no money for a down payment.

I did a bunch of car shopping yesterday (in the pouring rain, no less), but I've still got a bunch to do. What's going to happen is that he's going to take my car (a sedan which was bought new 2 years ago), and I'm going to get the new car. I bought my car before we had the dog, and I really need a vehicle more suitable for hauling dogs. We've been wanting to get a second dog, but we haven't been able to because 2 dogs would not have fit in my car, so trips to the vet or the dog park would be a two-car operation, which is pretty stupid.

So now I am tasked with finding what we refer to as "the dogmobile." It needs to be something that two large dogs can fit in, and preferably something that two dog crates could fit into, though that's not completely necessary. I don't like large vehicles, so trucks, minivans and big SUVs are out. I don't like SUVs overall, but I'm not entirely ruling out very small ones. Something like a very large hatchback would be perfect if it has enough room. Even a station wagon is fine, as uncool as that is.

Yesterday I looked at the Toyota Matrix, Toyota RAV4, Scion XD, Scion XB, Nissan Versa, Nissan Rogue, Honda Fit and Honda Element. I am well aware that the Honda Element and the Scion XB are the two ugliest cars on the road, and are probably the ugliest cars in the history of car-dom. Regardless, they meed my requirements. Both of the Nissans were pretty poorly suited to my needs, so they're basically out. I've got a couple more cars that I'd like to check out still. I hate having to make decisions involving tons of money under pressure.

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