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stupid birth control patch

No longer on the patch, no longer pissy. Not only did the patch make me pissed off all the time, it made me unable to sleep. After nearly three weeks of not sleeping more than a couple of hours a night, I took the last patch off two days early. I was determined to use it for a full cycle which is 21 days, but I only made it 19 days. Close enough for me. By the last week, I was so sleep deprived that I was pulling old random medications out of my medicine cabinet in an effort to find something that would put me to sleep, but nothing worked. I even took double and triple doses of medications that normally knock me out, but to no effect. Screw the patch.

This leaves me with the problem of what to do about birth control and my reproductive system issues. I've also got a prescription for a pill, but I think I'm going to give myself a month's break after the patch fiasco before I try anything else.

Unrelated to that, I found a NIH study that's investigating IV-administered ketamine as an antidepressant. I'm going to call on Monday and see if I can get in, but I have my doubts about whether they'll accept me.


Still on the patch and still pissy. Additionally, I've had two days worth of headaches. Neither Ibuprofen nor caffeine has helped with the headache. The weather has been crappy, so it's possible that they're sinus headaches and not related to the patch at all. It's also possible that me being pissed off is causing me to clench my jaw while I'm sleeping, which in turn is causing headaches.

Rotten Tomatoes is wrong and dumb

Whenever we want to see a movie, Ed makes me check Rotten Tomatoes to see what the consensus is there. If the rating is low, he generally won't see it. Just now I discovered that The Goonies has a 63% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

I will never trust Rotten Tomatoes again.

back on the pill, part 2

I went back to the doctor and discussed going back on hormonal birth control a few days ago. He agreed that I was going to have to go back on it, and just hope that it doesn't have any adverse effects on my mental health.

I'm trying out the birth control patch right now, as of Tuesday evening. This stupid thing is really expensive, so I don't know if I can stay on it, even if it does work. They're quoting me $50-100 a month, or $125 for a 3 month supply if I get it via mail-order. Additionally, I've been really pissed off and annoyed for the past few days, so I'm not sure if I can stay on it anyway. It could be that I'm just pissed off, and it's a coincidence that I'm using the patch. I guess only time will tell.


I've always hated grits, but back in October, I was served "Shrimp and Grits," which was surprisingly delicious. I was determined to make it for myself, and I attempted it tonight, following a recipe from Paula Deen. I don't usually watch her show, but I figured she's southern, so she probably had a good recipe.

It wasn't really anything like what I had earlier this year. Her recipe was creamy and cheese-laden. The one I had before was hot and spicy. In short, screw you Paula Deen.

Merry Christmas to me!

Christmas comes early at the Piper household. My Roomba 560 arrived in the mail today. I've been wanting one of these little dudes for years, and now I finally have one.

It needs a name. Any suggestions?

Nov. 23rd, 2008

NOooooo, not Lafayette!

I knit a stupid hat!

I learned how to knit in the past few weeks, and it's surprisingly easy. I've spent years putting it off because I thought it was hard, but I was (happily) completely wrong. After learning all my basic stitches and techniques from www.knittinghelp.com, I was antsy to start a real project using those skills. I went to the library and got a knitting book geared towards kids because I thought that would be a good way to find some easy projects. I found a hat in there that was, well....not stylish, but better than the other options I guess? It's ridiculous looking, with earflaps and tassels and whatnot, so I went with that.

And now I have finished my ridiculous looking hat!

It's way too big for my head, but oh well, it's the first thing I've ever knit. I don't plan on stopping here though. More to come.


I am lazy

I keep forgetting to update lately. I've been very busy, so it's not entirely due to laziness, but I won't try to claim that I'm not lazy.

I bought "the dogmobile" about two weeks ago. I finally settled on a used Honda Element. It's a 2006 and only has 23,000 miles on it, so it's practically new as far as I'm concerned. I would have bought the Honda Fit, but the models prior to the 2009s were not quite big enough, so I would have had to buy new. The new ones were going to cost me around $18,000, and I didn't feel comfortable spending that much money. I found my Element for just under $15,000, and while that's still a lot of money, saving 3k is good. And it's pretty much the ultimate dogmobile. Overall, I'm quite happy with it. Kina has ridden in it many times already, and she's pretty pleased with her new ride too.

It keeps raining, or at least drizzling almost every day around here, which is driving me crazy. The damp weather is making mushrooms sprout up all over my backyard, which wouldn't be a problem if I didn't own a dog. Mushrooms are very cute, but Kina keeps eating them and subsequently throwing them up (they must not be the kind that are safe for dogs to eat). This means that every couple of days, I have to walk around the backyard picking all the mushrooms so my dog stops poisoning herself.

Ed is on a roll

Ed is master of breaking things lately. Following closely on the heels of the wedding ring incident, he has now also managed to break his car, and our friend's dining room chair.

His car was a 1998 Saturn, so I knew it wasn't long for this world anyway. Friday night he ran out to grab something to eat, and his transmission exploded. Exploded being a fairly literal descriptor. It's in little pieces all over the road and the parking lot. The car is worth less than the repairs would cost, so we've pretty much got to buy a new car ASAP. Unfortunately we weren't exactly expecting this, because I took the extra 1k that I had and paid off our car insurance for the next 6 months the day before this happened, so we've got no money for a down payment.

I did a bunch of car shopping yesterday (in the pouring rain, no less), but I've still got a bunch to do. What's going to happen is that he's going to take my car (a sedan which was bought new 2 years ago), and I'm going to get the new car. I bought my car before we had the dog, and I really need a vehicle more suitable for hauling dogs. We've been wanting to get a second dog, but we haven't been able to because 2 dogs would not have fit in my car, so trips to the vet or the dog park would be a two-car operation, which is pretty stupid.

So now I am tasked with finding what we refer to as "the dogmobile." It needs to be something that two large dogs can fit in, and preferably something that two dog crates could fit into, though that's not completely necessary. I don't like large vehicles, so trucks, minivans and big SUVs are out. I don't like SUVs overall, but I'm not entirely ruling out very small ones. Something like a very large hatchback would be perfect if it has enough room. Even a station wagon is fine, as uncool as that is.

Yesterday I looked at the Toyota Matrix, Toyota RAV4, Scion XD, Scion XB, Nissan Versa, Nissan Rogue, Honda Fit and Honda Element. I am well aware that the Honda Element and the Scion XB are the two ugliest cars on the road, and are probably the ugliest cars in the history of car-dom. Regardless, they meed my requirements. Both of the Nissans were pretty poorly suited to my needs, so they're basically out. I've got a couple more cars that I'd like to check out still. I hate having to make decisions involving tons of money under pressure.